Awesome Custom Motorcycle


There’s nothing like seeing a completely awesome custom motorcycle.  I’m not calling it a chopper awesome custom motorcyclebecause of the look (see pics).  I was running some errands this weekend and pulled into the gas station to grab a back of ice and laid my eyes upon this beauty.  I asked one of the girls standing by it if I could snap a couple pics real quick and asked who made it.  She said that her husband did most of it and a lot of the paint was done down south.

I had an awesome custom motorcycle once

I had an awesome custom motorcycle once, then I traded it for a boat that gave me more headaches than good times.  Eventually, I’ll own another one.  There’s nothing like cruising down the road with my hot wife on the back, wind blowing through your hair, just feeling free.  For now though, my eyes are on the lookout for a nice pontoon boat for the family to enjoy.


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